Bedford Historic District

Send an "email" post card to LPC Chair Robert Tierney

Send a copy of this postcard and the message below supporting the designation of the proposed Stuyvesant Heights Historic District expansion to Landmarks Preservation Commissioner Robert Tierney.  Just click on the postcard and follow the easy instructions.

Dear Chair Tierney:

As a resident of the proposed Bedford Corners Historic District, I write to express my strong support for the landmark designation of the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District expansion.

Many of the buildings in the proposed Stuyvesant Heights Extension are unique not only to Bedford Stuyvesant but, to New York City. Landmark Designation is the only way to protect these buildings from destruction or insensitive alteration.

I request that the Landmarks Preservation Commission designate Stuyvesant Heights Historic District Extension to preserve it for the use, enjoyment and education of future generations. Additionally, I look forward to the expedited calendaring and designation of the Bedford Corners Historic District